The Organizers

Organizer Contact Information
Dawn Bazely
(416) 736-2100 ext. 20109
Sampa Bhadra
Michael De Robertis
Organiser & Web Designer Contact Information
Nicholas Luong

We have also had invaluable help from wonderful YorkU students:

2015-03-04 13.31.57Faculty of Fine Arts Design undergraduate student, Yan (Shawn) Hao (@ShawnHao1) worked with Prof. Bhadra to adapt her Women in STEM design for our fridge magnets.

Faculty of Science undergraduate students, Michelle Binczyk (@MichelleBiny) and Rajbir Ghuman (@RajbirGhuman_ ) worked with Prof. Bhadra on the design of the event poster:

YorkUSci50 Women in STEM posterFaculty of Science undergraduate students, Nusaibah Husain (@NusaibahHusain) and Michelle Binczyk created event flyers.

We thank colleagues, Professors Sapna Sharma and Logan Donaldson, and students, Lucas Colantoni, Andre Oliveira, Min Kim, David Kim and Miranda Chen for their hard work to support this event.

A very special thanks to Suzana Pinto, Faculty of Science Communications Manager.

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