LEGO Female Scientists Research Inst Raffle

THE RAFFLE WAS WON BY Wendy Graham’s husband. Wendy and her husband told us that they had tried, unsuccessfully, to get the Lego Research Institute for their daughters, so, they were thrilled.
Wendy's daughters


We have obtained one of these rare sets and will be handing out free raffle tickets on Saturday March 7th. One lucky person attending at our #WomenInSTEM celebration will have about 1% chance of winning this set designed by Dutch isotope geochemist, Dr. Ellen Kooijman.

Dr. Kooijman, whose twitter handle and Lego username is @Alatariel, proposed her idea on Lego Ideas. She received 10,000 votes, which meant that Lego would consider production. A limited edition of the set, which features 3 female scientists, quickly sold out last summer.

Dr. Donna Yates (@DrDonnaYates), of the University of Glasgow, bought a set and starting tweeting photos of the Lego Academics in action. Twitter loved it!

Dr. Kooijman recently proposed a second Lego Female Scientists set, in which 3 researchers do field work. It got the 10,000 votes very quickly:

From the Guardian article:
Donna “Yates says: “I am a bit surprised by how popular the Lego academics have become, but I think that this goes to show that the image of a woman as a scientist isn’t just accepted, it is embraced.

“I’ve got a lot of replies about the Lego academics tweets but my absolute favourite was a mother reporting that after she showed the photos to her daughter, the little girl asked how she could become a professor too.”

The Twitter feed is not only for fun, admits Yates – she is eager to raise the profile of women in science.”

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