Wish I was there…

Everyone who has an interest in STEM, whether student, staff or faculty, whether, female, male, or trans, whether hetero, LGBQ (hope I covered all of humanity in this sentence), has a life outside of our STEM work. Many colleagues couldn’t attend the event, but they sent their good wishes. If yours are missing from this page, please let us know, and we will include them.

Panel 1 Speaker, Karlene Harry, was kept away by business commitments, so she sent her advice and good wishes (Dawn Bazely had to quickly learn how to use Call Recorder! Hence, the video is marked as a demo. It’s great software!)

Women in STEM: How my BSc degree helped me to be an entrepreneur from Dawn Bazely on Vimeo.

Former York University Biology Professor, and current Dean of Science Dean Imogen Coe at Ryerson University sent good wishes and advice.

Advice to young #STEM students from Science Dean Imogen Coe, Ryerson University, Toronto from Dawn Bazely on Vimeo.

Lots of women Science Professors had various family commitments on the weekend of the celebraton, but they sent good wishes and congratulations for the day.


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